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Ghosts of Reality (New Album in Development)

by Peter Dizozza

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Lazy Eyes 04:08
My House, chord chart (Peter Dizozza) By Olena Jennings | G F/G | VERSE A1 Let me C | |Dm | | give you my address so that if you are in the neighborhood C | B7 |Dm | | you can drive by, see if they’ve repainted. You might D7 | |E7 | | also see someone I used to know. Maybe e- Dm | |B7 | G F/G | ventually we will see each other. May I VERSE A2 C | |Dm | | Ask for your advice, for when next we share our proximity, C | B7 |Dm | | When will we go? Whither shall we linger? On that D7 | |E7 | | Festive occasion, we'll share a ride, where then per- Dm | |B7 | G F/G | +1 | haps we will be, Passing through my village, Let me give you my a- VERSE A'1 C | |Dm | A | ddress so that you can find it on a map, so that at Dm7 | | D | | least you will know where I came from, at least E7 | |Dm | E7 | someone will know where I came from. BRIDGE Am | | Gm | C7 | On the map it’s the pale orange shape next to the li--ght blue of the water A E7 | A A7 |Dm A |Dm Dm/C | where I walked on the wet sand dragging a stick, Dm F /C | Dm G7 |C |B7 | drawing a line that would lead back. Dm7 | |B7 :|| END: |G F/G |G F/G G F/G |C | || Instrumental Verse A, Vocal A', BRIDGE, END: Let me Give you my ad- ress. Let us settle our di- putes. C | |Dm | A chairs as a windstorm mixes wet with dry, until the Dm7 | | D | least you will know where I came from, at least E7 | |Dm | E7 someone will know where I came from. 4 As the landscape reshapes spraying sand. Shall we no-tice. It's un-lik-ely we'll tan-go If that were so as like-ly fall as you were. Spray-ing sand as co-ver.


in development


released June 18, 2021

Recorded by Horacio Pena
(If, Then or When recorded by Charles Nieland)


all rights reserved



Peter Dizozza New York, New York

Content Provider for Cinema VII Alternate Entertainment Collective -- composer, music, lyrics, text...

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