Songs of The Golf Wars

by Peter Dizozza

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    One Review:
    Peter Dizozza – “Songs Of The Golf Wars” – Cinema 7/Olive Juice Music
    “Songs Of The Golf Wars” in an extremely intriguing proposition. “The Golf Wars” is a musical play – script & songs written by Dizozza – recorded here with Major Matt Mason USA & his Olive Juice pals as: “The Songs Of The Golf Wars”.
    Like a marginally more introverted Magnetic Fields – Dizozza not only works predominantly with keyboards - but also embraces the notion of the ‘pop’ song as a big show tune. The carefully annotated sleeve notes leave us in no doubt that a higher level of intelligence than is usually attributed to ‘pop’ musicians has been employed during the making of this record. Eccentric, eclectic, fiercely individualistic – the words could well have been specially commissioned for the work of Peter Dizozza.
    I found it (almost) impossible to digest “Songs Of The Golf War” as anything other than a complete whole. Singling out any one track above another would be a massive disservice to every other track present on this wonderful disc (contrarily, having said that: “Living In Freedom”, “Forests Of Neurosis” & “Take Me, Love” did capture a small portion of my heart from the very first listen).
    Tracks 15 to 25 contain “Shipping The Satellite” – a live performance from 1999 featuring trakMARX favourite, Jeffery Lewis, amongst the assembled host of performers.
    NYC & Olive Juice have announced yet another remarkable talent - & Mr Merritt would be strongly advised to watch his back.
    Evan Halshaw – tMx 13 – 11/03
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released January 1, 2003

Olive Juice Music
Major Matt Mason
Alex Abrash
Joe Bendik
Stee Espinola
Victor Varoli
A moment with Nan Turner

Songs, lyrics, music and text by Peter Dizozza except Forests of Neuroses by Peter Dizozza and Steve Espinola



all rights reserved


Peter Dizozza New York, New York

Content Provider for Cinema VII Alternate Entertainment Collective -- composer, music, lyrics, text...

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Track Name: Square One (Set the Prisoners Free)
Ancient times seem to follow me wher-
Ever I go.
Hide my crimes, and enquiring minds are
Eager to know
Wash me clean, call a closure, I’ll be-
Gin a new scene when you
Set your prisoner free.
Square one, where does my project be-
Gin? Square two, where does this new one fit
In with all the rest? I make the
Best. And I make it ‘cause I need it.
Square three, how will I ever get
Past square four, making a world that will
Last through all the wash and wearing?
There it’s holding; There it’s tearing
Make my world hold fast to last a lifetime.
Up at dawn, take a swim and eat and
Go to a room.
Work ‘til dawn on what you never thought I’d
Ever resume
‘Til it’s done and we’re calling it the
Scene where I run, as you
Set your prisoner free.
There it waits for when you
Set your prisoner free?
Square one, where does the project be-
Gin? Square two, where does the new one fit
In with all the rest? I make the
Best, and I make it ‘cause I need it
Square three, how do we ever get
Past square four? making a world that will
Last through all the wash and wearing
There it’s holding, There it’s tearing
May the world hold fast to last a lifetime, and more.
Track Name: Living in Freedom (Again)
Gypsies from Egypt roam from Egypt to Rome
Trapped in a state of Bohemia!
Bohemian girl bring your sunshine to me
To my home in Beirut by the sea.

Living in freedom again
Freely my mind gets to wandering
Free to roll over the caps on the water
Free to dig holes in the sand.

Living in freedom again
Freely my four limbs are pedaling
Over the craters along the equator
Up to an arctic night land.

My dad and your dad made wars long ago
Back when we both were in nurseries
Fantastical dreamer, take back what you gave.
You will never take me for your slave.