1. Margie Carillo
    Margaret Carillo

  2. Variety Backlash Cassette Tape Side 2

  3. Night Comes to the Land of Anger - Live
    The Steppes

  4. The Bulb Audio Recording

  5. Murder by Music Soundtrack Live 2001

  6. Bali Float Scratch Tracks

  7. The Middle Ages Materials (A.R.Gurney)
    Peter & Monica Dizozza

  8. Dizozza 2015 Winter AntiFolk Fest Set
    Peter Dizozza, Mike Hill, J.P. Evangelista, Kimberly Mossel, Herb Sher, Ben Krieger

  9. The New Floater Family - Draft for Use - (Score for Float Act 2)

  10. Convertible (Versalie/Dizozza)
    Catherine Russell, Michael Ballas & Peter Dizozza

  11. There is a Live Version of the Ocean Floaters Studio Album!
    Peter Dizozza and Charlie McKenna

  12. Murder by Music (2001) - Complete source tape divided into 36 tracks, Friday Reference
    The Women's Club of Forest Hills

  13. In the Living Room (1977) Cassette Tape Side One

  14. 2014 Summer AntiFolk Fest Set, August 21, 2014 - Reference for The New Floater Family

  15. Peter Dizozza Live Album -- Piano Vocal Winter Antifolk Fest Set 25 February 2006

  16. The Great Enchanted Forest -- Friday Reference
    Original Cast Live on Friday

  17. 155 Through the Roof - Dizozza/Armour - Soundtrack Recordings
    Original Cast - Dizozza/Armour

  18. Who Babe Piano Pieces

  19. The Last Dodo Soundtrack

  20. Prepare to Meet Your Maker Soundtrack Recordings
    Peter Dizozza performed by The Porters Union and Members of the Original Cast

  21. Live Peter Dizozza Sets, every one different collect them all
    Peter Dizozza

  22. The Ocean Floaters (the score for Float, Act 1)

  23. The Four Comments

  24. Chasing Heaven (2011) original 6 track soundtrack
    Peter Dizozza & Jasper McGruder

  25. The Last Lafayette Soundtrack

  26. Songs of The Golf Wars

  27. Jingle Bell Rocking in the USA

  28. Shipping the Satellite 1996

  29. Kingdom Come - Prepared Tracks

  30. Variety Backlash Side One


Peter Dizozza New York, New York

Content Provider for Cinema VII Alternate Entertainment Collective -- composer, music, lyrics, text...

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